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Month: September 2022


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Working With Your Awareness to Heal Burnout

Something I wish I would’ve known and embraced more fully back then… The power of awareness cannot be overstated. Your awareness serves as the container for your entire experience, and it has the power to create sustainable, lasting change. Many of us are challenged...

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Simplify Your Self-Care With This

Self-care doesn't have to be hard, mysterious, expensive, or unattainable… it's a basic necessity in order to feel and function well! Rather than having it be something "to do" or something that feels like a chore or is reserved for the few, try this approach to it:...

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How & Why to Mother Ourselves As Deep-Feelers

Let's talk about mothering ourselves, what that means, and why it’s important for us deep-feeling, sensitive women. This weekend marks the fifth anniversary of my mother’s death. I’ve shared a lot about my mother, how she was an addict, and the impact that had on me....

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What’s Motivating You: Pain or Love?

What are you creating in your life right now? And, what’s the motivation behind this intention? Is it because you are running from the past or trying to “prove,” “overcompensate,” or “fix” something? Or, is it because you are genuinely and excitedly running towards...

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